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Literally….you are unbelievable.  Your videos are amazing….but in person – OMG!! I’ll be back regularly…cancelling my other subs to make this work.

- Allan

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About Me

The Short Version…

Like many of you….I’ve experienced much in life.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Mostly good. I’m a blessed woman.  I’m healthy, I have family who loves me … and I’m enjoying being a very authentic woman in the sharing of my sensuality. It makes me happy when others are happy (I’ve always been a pleaser in life – can you tell?)

I’m here to have sexy fun and flirtations. The more you get my attention … the more of my time you get. 😉💋

Upcoming Events

Check here for online and in-person events I’ll be doing in 2024. Stay tuned. Join my newsletter below for these as well.  Subscribe to my special list so I can email you my next event and other fun information.

Future Event


s. miami beach

april 12th, 13th 2024
sexy fish, ritz carlton 

Las Vegas

January 18th 2024
hank’s steakhouse gv ranch resort

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Life is too short NOT to have fun.

I enjoy many things: family, friends, travel, sports and of course flirtations.  I hope you take the time to explore my links and join me in the fun together…and Yes – I have one of those. 😉🌶💋

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